If you haven't already watched last night's 'Pat Kenny's Big Debate' get yourself on that Virgin Media Player immediately, because Pat Kenny is officially Ireland's number one badass. 

Pat Kenny hosted (threw all of the punches) in last night's first presidential debate to feature all six candidates on live TV for the first time. Michael D. Higgins and Sean Gallagher were present after refusing to take part in 'Claire Byrne Live' earlier in the week. To compare the two TV shows, is like chalk and cheese - one was like a cup of cold milky tea, while the other was like gulping down a freshly brewed triple shot of espresso while trying to navigate around The Ring of Kerry. Kenny is the clear winner, albeit maybe a bit too harsh of a moderator, but it made for glorious TV. Oh he went in on them, and he took no prisoners. 

Kenny dug up the ghosts of the candidate's past, and here, for all of your glory, are the best tweets from the night, including some well-known Irish faces: