She's been voted Soap Land's sexiest female so many times at this stage that we've lost count, so we can imagine their was a collective sigh of disbelief this weekend when Michelle Keegan aka Tina off Coronation Street announced that she would be waving goodbye to the cobbles in 2014. Yep, the woman universally recognised as one of TV's, to phrase it eloquently, 'most bangin babes', will leave a rather large gap in many a lad's and ladies'  viewing schedule.

How else will the reluctant soap watcher manage to sit through Corrie with the family of an evening without a bit of eye candy then eh? Don't worry, there are still some ridiculously good looking gals to look at on d'telly, and we've compiled a list of just 10 who may fill the void. And as for the lads, well, we're still trying to narrow that list down...

Tiffani Thiessen - White Collar
We know her best as Kelly off Saved By The Bell, or your wan from Beverly Hills 90210, and at the age of 39 (I know, I know), she's still schmokin up the TV screen on White Collar. What would Zack Morris say, wha?

Olivia Munn - The Newsroom
Not only has this Newsroom goddess got a body to die for, she's ridiculously smart to boot. Born Lisa Olivia Munn, this one got herself a degree in Journalism and worked as a sideline sports reporter before fully moving into acting. She's also pretty much fluent in Japanese. We're in awe. It's no wonder she's regularly listed in Maxim and FHM's Top 100.

Hayden Panettiere - Nashville
Having just watched Remember The Titans this weekend, it's hard to remember Hayden as anything more than that small blonde child, but sure by the time Heroes rolled around, she had well and truly grown up. You'll catch her playing Juliette Barnes, aka 'the Southern fried Taylor Swift' on More4's Nashville these days. And shakin what her mamma gave her while she's at it...

Rachel Bilson - Hart of Dixie
From The O.C to Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson hasn't changed a bit. Scratch that, she actually got better looking with age. She refused to pose for any men's magazines for years, before taking part in an iddy biddy photo shoot for Maxim. Sure we've seen most of it on the telly already, wha?

Zooey Deschanel - New Girl
There's something about Zooey that seems to drive everyone wild. We're not sure if it's the eyes or the quirky sense of humor, but when we started compiling his list her name was flagged by all bar one. You can't argue with a chorus can you now? In summary, the office would.

Natalie Dormer and Emilia Clarke - Game of Thrones
Ok. Confession time. We've got great big crushes and girl crushes on the Game of Thrones girls, and we just couldn't pick between Daenerys and Margaery Tyrell. Emilia's a great big ride, with or without her clothes, while Natalie's smouldered on just about every telly in the country. Sure you couldn't even watch The Tudors with your mammy and daddy...

Christina Hendricks - Mad Men
Move over Betty and Megan, when it comes to Mad Men there's only one lady who sets the pulses well and truly racing and that's Joan. Christina Hendricks has been bringing ginger back for the past 6 Seasons, and proving that there's nothing sexier than a woman with curves while she's at it.

Alison Brie - Community
Girl crush alert. Community's Alison Brie is one of the most ridiculously sexy women on the telly right now, and her incredible sense of humor definitely has something to do with it. We swear.

Grace Park - Hawaii 5-0
Hands up who remembers Battlestar Gallactica? Well, Grace Park was quite the cutie back then, but since she joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 she's really, erm, blossomed? Regularly featured in the Top 100s, and with a Maxim shoot under her belt, Park's universally recognised as a bit of a ride.

Jenna Louise Coleman - Doctor Who
Moving a little closer to home, we've got to add Jenna Louise Coleman to our list. She was cute in Emmerdale, sweet in Blood and Steel, a little bit saucy in Dancing On The Edge, and now she's downright feisty as the Doctor's latest assistant. We're sure Sci-Fi fans weren't complaining when she was cast, wha? Even the old school Doctor Who heads think she's a tad too sexy for the Tardis and the Time Lord...

Those are our ten, now tell us all about yours...