You'll know him best as Dirty Den's delectable long lost son and one of the most memorable EastEnders heartthrobs of recent years, but now Nigel Harman's about to take on a rather different role.

Not content with getting a little part on Downton Abbey, or tearing up the West End in 'Shrek: The Musical', the actor has just been cast as the 'Simon Cowell' of Harry Hill's upcoming X Factor musical.

'I Cant Sing!' is due to open in London in March 2014, and will directed by Olivier Award-winner Sean Foley. Harman (who we suppose could be a dead ringer for the music and telly mogul if he was styled correctly) will playing a character based on the X Factor boss, alongside the likes of West End actress Cynthia Erivo and Holby City's Alan Morrissey.

Playbill says the show will go "under the judges' desk" to take "an affectionate poke" at the long-running series. Audiences can expect 19 original songs from Harry Hill and co, and a whole host of new yet oddly familiar characters. Full cast details have yet to drop.

Mr Cowell will be on hand for the big press launch on Monday (SyCo is producing don'cha know), so here's hoping Nigel comes decked in some seriously high-waisted trousers.