The new series of 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!' kicked off last night, with one very controversial guest in the mix.

Although many have vowed to boycott this year's series due to the presence of Nigel Farage, many tuned in to see the former politician be heckled by his fellow campmates about Brexit and more.

Of course, Farage was selected for the first challenge of the series, which he didn't seem at all surprised about - and it seems like a lot of viewers took great pleasure in seeing the former UKIP leader sticking his head into a box of snakes, too.

He was voted to take part in the first Bushtucker Trial with YouTuber Nella Rose, which will be aired tonight.

Farage was introduced by saying: "In the jungle, you're going to find the real me. You might like me more, you might dislike me more, but you will at least find out. The best way to handle conflict is to tackle it head-on. I dealt with snakes in the European Parliament, I can cope with this too."

Here's what X users had to say about the first episode...