"It was weird being a thief in a luxury hotel - but I just had to do what I had to do."

We all know that Aubrey Plaza is a mad witch, but in her interview with Nicole Byer this week, she comes across as more of a thieving comedy gold witch than anything else.

Byer is taking over hosting duties from Jimmy Kimmel this week while he's away (Rob McElhenney, RuPaul and more have been filling in for him recently) and last night's late-night show saw her interview former 'Parks and Recreation' star Plaza in a wide-ranging chat.

'The White Lotus' season two actor spoke about filming the upcoming season in Italy earlier this year, informing the host that she was clocked by both police in the town she was staying in as well as the hotel staff due to her questionable behaviour.

However, the host isn't turned off by the actor's bizarre turn of events, and says she'd love to go to Italy with her as it "sounds like a blast". Are we witnessing two new BFFs in the making? We think so.

The interview also covered a number of other hilarious topics such as Plaza gifting her sister a stripper pole, which is kept in her father's basement, being recognised in Italy for her critically-panned film with Robert De Niro 'Dirty Grandpa', and also about her two upcoming film releases 'Emily the Criminal' (which is getting critically-acclaimed reviews) and 'Spin Me Round' (directed by her husband Jeff Baena).

Oh, and if her career doesn't work out, at least Plaza has her credit card forgery hobby to fall back on.

Here's the full Nicole Byer interview with Aubrey Plaza. Enjoy!