In the 'Derry Girls' season one finale, Nicola Coughlan's character 'Clare' came out to her friends as lesbian. The actor talks to Bustle about her experience playing an LGBTQ+ role.

Nicola plays the rather highly-strung ball of nerves 'Clare' who follows her friends around, usually disapproving of their adventures that always lead to a bit of messin'.

What we love about her is her deep love for her friends and how even if she doesn't approve of their antics, she never wants to be left behind (and if you've seen the most recent episode in season four, you'll know what we mean).

So when she came out in season one through a penned personal story in an essay competition, we were all really moved by the support her friends gave her and the visibility within the show. Even if they give her the moniker "the wee lesbian".

Juxtaposing such a serious moment with humour takes a lot of skill as an actor, so Nicola felt the pressure, "if we don't get this right, it’s going to look like we’re taking the p*ss".

But the result was resounding applause across the country and she tells Bustle that people are always telling her "It's so nice to see a character like Clare".

In preparation for her role, she spent time with the Rainbow Project, an organisation based in Northern Ireland that focuses on the well-being of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The woman is a superstar; she's the glue that holds 'Bridgerton' together, she is so stylish, and she's even besties with Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Van Ness. Is it safe to say she's a national treasure at this stage?

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