For a lot of actors, memorising lines can be tricky and learning speeches from plays and movies that they love is a way of helping their memory.

In some cases, it's reciting soliloquies from Shakespeare. In other cases, it's Nadine Coyle and the passport debacle on 'Popstars' back in the early aughts. As Nicola Coughlan from 'Derry Girls' revealed on last night's 'Late Late Show', it actually helped her win the audition.

"The only person I could think of from Derry was Nadine Coyle, and the only thing I could think of when was she lost her passport on 'Popstars'," said Coughlan, when explaining how she nailed the accent.

As she tells it, Coughlan launched into the moment - unprompted - during her audition and was able to rattle it off - complete with that pause when Coyle clocks she's given the wrong date of birth.

Take a look.