As was pointed out by both Nicola Coughlan and Graham Norton on last night's episode of his show, the moment where Nadine Coyle outed herself as underage on the Irish version of 'Popstars' was one of the nation's first shared pop culture experiences.

The minute Nadine Coyle even comes up in any kind of discussion, it's bound to get a mention. Indeed, no two Irish people can meet overseas without acknowledging the moment, or discussing the weather back home and how it's so much better where they are. That's even how Nicola Coughlan and Graham Norton got on to it, in last night's show - merely honouring our nation's traditions of two Irish people meeting overseas and talking about it.

Coughlan, who was on doing press for the upcoming Netflix period drama 'Bridgerton', was discussing her Derry accent in 'Derry Girls' and, sure enough, she mentioned how Nadine Coyle's viral moment was the catalyst.

As you'll see, Coughlan and Norton excitedly explain to Jennifer Saunders, Lee Mack, and Claudia Winkleman how the whole incident happened - complete with Coughlan's near-flawless Nadine Coyle impression for illustrative purposes.

Take a look.