Sometimes, you just have to shoot your shot and with 'Derry Girls' alum Nicola Coughlan, it came for her last night when she was in the middle of appearing on 'The Ray D'Arcy Show'.

Like anyone over the age of 25, Ray D'Arcy is more known as the host of 'The Den' than anything else and we're all just waiting for him to bring back Dustin, Socky, Zig and Zag, and maybe even Ted the Panda while they're at it.

Obviously, 'The Den' had a big impact on Nicola Coughlan's childhood - as it did for all of us - and she was only too happy to bring with her some fan mail she'd kept hidden away with her that was then presented to Ray D'Arcy some 22 years later.

Take a look.

In fairness, we all wrote letters to RTE back then and some of us (cough) even ended up on 'Ecco Island' and doing the Hot-Seat Quiz. Also, RTE, if you've got any of those T-shirts lying around the place and you want to earn some extra cash, put them on sale because there's definitely some motivated buyers right here.

'Derry Girls' is due to begin filming this year and will likely return for its second season in 2019.