Admit it, we're all guilty of fangirling over our favourite musical artists when we were teenagers - and luckily that embarrassing past will *hopefully* never come back to haunt us.

However, the same can't be said for Galway actor Nicola Coughlan. The 'Derry Girls' and 'Bridgerton' star decided that the world needed to hear from her teenage diary, and what unfolded was a rather hilarious monologue.

A huge fan of Busted from the early '00s, Nicola produced her diary and a home-made banner that she made for Comedy Central's 'Growing Pains' comedy show.

After presenting a banner that read "BUSTS", Nicola decided to read aloud what she had written as a teenager. And oh boy, did she love Charlie Simpson.

She said of the musician: "Busted... Waa! Oh my God Charlie! F**king hell, he is such a ride. He's probs the best-looking guy ever, he's such a lash... So close to tears and so excited I nearly weed myself."

Nicola Coughlan then decided to tweet that video to Charlie, saying to her teenage crush "I hope you liked my sexy banner".

And wouldn't you know it, he tweeted her back.

To which she replied: "If I could travel in time the main thing I would do is show this to my 16-year-old self."

Ah, teenage crushes.