It was bound to happen. And it was bound to be Grimmy - especially considering the BBC1 breakfast DJ recently referred to Cheryl as 'Cole' during his morning radio show. He also described her latest husband, Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, as her 'boyfriend'. According to The Sun, he corrected himself, but the damage was kinda done at that point. 

Now, the DJ has made the same gaffe during the X Factor auditions at London's SSE Arena. The Huffington Post reports that the panel had just finished watching a father/daughter act, when Grimmy announced: "Let's start with Cheryl Cole."

Among the audible gasps, Rita Ora - who was seated between the pair - reportedly quipped something along the lines of "I'll just get out of the way", while Simon Cowell, repeatedly roared "AWKWARD!" 

Cheryl's response was "Just call me Cheryl. Or Chezza." STILL angling for that single name....