It was a different episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night as Niall Horan stood in for the titular host.

It can't be a easy job, but Niall Horan undeniably smashed it.

He kicked off the show with a gas monologue.

The Irish singer talked about his fans and the names they've given him over the years, arguing that #horandogs is the best of the lot.

He also talks about his Irishness, naturally, as well as his history with Guillermo and the misinformation that is fed to Americans about the Irish.

Niall Horan shows how little the Americans know about Ireland by showing a clip of the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' crew taking to the streets and quizzing them about it.

It reeeally didn't go well.

As part of the show, the former One Direction band member took the Jonas brothers golfing, since he's a big fan of the sport.

They had to play with particular handicaps, so it made for an entertaining game.

But perhaps his crowning achievement was interviewing Lizzo.

The two singers have been known to be flirtatious and they really upped the ante for Niall Horan's hosting gig.

They talked about her new single with Cardi B, 'Rumours', and at the end of the segment Niall asked Lizzo some spicy questions pertaining to how they'd get along if they tied the knot.