So good luck using the internet and trying not to see anything for the next five days.

With anticipation for the show's new episodes at an all time high, and after a hack of their servers and leak of an episode less than two weeks ago, you would think that things inside HBO would be like Fort Knox but today fans were treated to another leak thanks to HBO Spain.

According to fans on Reddit, where you should not go on because it is FULL of spoilers, the Spanish arm of HBO accidentally made next week's episode, now allegedly called 'Death Is The Enemy', available for subscribers for an hour yesterday before being removed which has of course led to it leaking online.

As you can imagine, social media is now an absolute minefield as spoilers are rife and probably will be for the next five days until the show airs as planned. HBO has yet to comment on the leak.

All we can do now is do everything with one hand over our eyes and peeping through our fingers. And make jokes, because this is the internet after all.

The internet is dark and full of spoilers. Don't. Click. Anything.

Via ABC News