Word came overnight that Fox have green-lit a new TV series focusing on the character of Commissioner Jim Gordon from Batman. The new series, called 'Gotham', will be set in the time before Gordon meets the Dark Knight and sounds like it could be very cool indeed. There's no word yet on casting for the series as it's early days, but we do know that Bruno Heller - who worked on The Mentalist and HBO's Rome - is going to be writing and producing some of the first season's episodes.

Who do we think could work as Jim Gordon? It's hard to tell. Gary Oldman played him in Christopher Nolan's trilogy and Pat Hingle played him in Tim Burton's version, so it's hard to know. Off the top of our heads, we think Tom Selleck - he's already got a moustache and Blue Bloods is a damn fine cop show. He may not be up for it because, well, he's already playing a cop on TV. They could go for someone completely out of leftfield or - and it's a real long-shot - they may even convince Gary Oldman to reprise his role. It's highly unlikely, but you never know.