The lucky star Craig Charles was born under is still shining brightly, for Red Dwarf is being resurrected again for a series starting on Dave October 4th.

Speaking about the new series in a recent interview, Charles said: "We've stopped being an action adventure series and gone back to being more of a sitcom. We're now back to being four clowns in a room, each trying to be funnier than the next man." Read into that what you will. The canned laughter is also back. Enough said.

The Cat and (obviously) Kryten have withstood the test of time quite well, Mr. Brittas, not so much. Well, they have been at it on and off since 1988.

Digital Spy reports that the six-part series will include such titles as Trojan, Fathers and Suns, Lemons, Entangles, Dear Dave, The Beginning, and The End.