It remains one of the biggest televisual debates of all time, but it looks like the public have finally had their say on the matter.

25 years after 'Friends' first debuted, the argument over whether Ross cheated on Rachel in Season 3 or not (because they were 'ON A BREAK!') has been settled. Well, sort of.

According to a poll conducted by dating app Plenty of Fish, over 60% of the 1,865 people surveyed did, in fact, think that Ross was in the right and did not cheat on Rachel.

If you'll recall, Ross's fling with Hot Copy Girl Chloe put an end to the pair's great romance in Season 3, although they did go on to have a one-night-stand that resulted in baby Emma.

Interestingly, more women sided with Rachel; 44% of them think that Ross cheated, compared to 36% of men.

The survey also asked people their definitions of 'on a break', with 38% declaring that it means 'open relationship while figuring things out', 33% said 'the couple is still together/monogamous', and 29% said that it means 'the couple has broken up and can date/hook up with others'.

What do you think - were they on a break or not?