There's a ray of sunshine in all of the grey skies out of your window today, with the arrival of a very special one-off reunion on the cards.

Airing over in The States tonight (we've reached out to see when it will air over here), the new 'Parks and Rec' episode have given us a very brief teaser as to what we can expect in the upcoming episode. And we're hoping that there's some better jokes on the horizon.

NBC has released a clip of Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope having a video chat with Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson (who manages to have his glorious moustache, even in these times). The former Government colleagues have a quick discussion about social distancing, with Ron saying he has a 12 year supply of venison stocked up if Leslie would like a sample. Last time we met the pair in season seven of the comedy show, they were in the midst of a feud, which managed to get patched up before the series ended for good.

Leslie and Ron are set to be joined by the rest of the gang in the new 'Parks and Rec' episode, with Aubrey Plaza's April, Chris Pratt's Andy, Adam Scott's Ben, Rashida Jones' Ann, and the rest of the crew all returning.

Here's the brief clip of the reunion.

Here's hoping the episode contains more than just "social distancing" references... The new 'Parks and Rec' episode is due to air over in The States tonight, and we've reached out to Amazon Prime to ask if the special will be uploaded to their streaming service over the coming days.