We've all heard it countless times at this stage, 'we're turning a corner', things are looking up etc etc. As we know though, emigration is still high and there are significant numbers hanging on in there on the live register.

A new show for RTE is setting about changing that for some lucky folk, and will essentially Gok Won you into a job. You will be given a style makeover, work with a series of mentors and experts, and be interview trained and ready to go when opportunity knocks. At the end of the process, you ideally will have secured a job and got your foot onto the career path of your choice.

The show will be presented by Darren Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire too, the Republic of Telly host is no stranger to a hardcore interview process herself, with her initial claim to fame being as a contestant on The Apprentice UK.

This first series will focus on those out of work between 18-25; perhaps you left school early and have struggled to get work, maybe you are a young mum who wants to start a new career, or you are just out of college and can't find anything to do with that degree you worked so hard for. Whatever the reason is, this show guarantees to help you, so if you know someone who would benefit from this experience, or you would be up for it yourself, then go for it!

Sitting around not working can really knock the confidence out of you, so if you are reading this thinking you just wouldn't be able for it, here's the thing, you ARE. Now get applying, or you can nominate somebody too.

Contact with your name and number via email at [email protected] for an application form or phone 01 497 0817 for further details.

The closing date for applications is June 6th.