It was back in August that Steven Avery's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner filed his appeal and a petition to undergo DNA evidence to prove that evidence used to convict him was planted. 

Since then, any news regarding Avery has been to do with his personal life rather than his case. At the end of September, Avery announced that he was engaged to Lynn Hartman, a legal secretary for his defense team. However less than a month later, Avery called the whole thing off, reportedly after being unhappy with Hartman's appearance on Dr. Phil. 

Now, two and half months after the submission of the DNA petition, it looks like we're finally seeing some movement in his case. Zellner took to Twitter to announce that an agreed testing order had been entered for Steven on Monday. 

An 'Agreed Order' is a written agreement submitted by the parties to a case resolving the issues between them. So in relation to Avery's case it represents a document worked out between his defense team and Manitowoc prosecutors on what evidence can be tested and how. We won't know until later in the week what exactly is in the agreed order but you can rest assured that the document will end up online sooner rather than later thanks to the thousands of internet sleuths who are obsessed with the case. 

Zellner has previously stated that DNA testing will take roughly three months to yield results so it's unlikely that we will have any fresh developments on that aspect of the case until February at the earliest. 

Via Uproxx