Although 'Big Brother: Best Shows Ever' is going over a treat with TV audiences currently, you won't be seeing any new shows any time soon.

Despite rumours circulating that a new series of 'Big Brother' is on the horizon, EndemolShine - the production company behind the series - have publicly denied said rumours. A representative from the production house told the Daily Mail that "there is no truth in this story."

"EndemolShine the production company has had no talks with Davina re reviving the Celebrity series and no future series has been commissioned."

'Big Brother' went off the air in 2018 on Channel 5, when the three-year contract with EndemolShine expired. At the time, Channel 5 controller Ben Frow had publicly stated that he would be happier without the show on his channel.

Given how reality TV shows have come under scrutiny in recent months over their handling of contestants and after-care in shows such as 'Love Island', you'd have to wonder whether there's any real apetitie for bringing back 'Big Brother'.

More to the point, reality TV shows are built around concepts now rather than simply locking people in a house and training cameras on them around the clock. The idea of constant surveillance might have been unique twenty years ago, but today, it's a fact of life with social media and the internet.