We've all been caught in the same situation at some point. You watch a particular show with someone week in week out, and then all of a sudden they've gone on holiday.

Or they've gone home for the weekend, or they're....look, the exact nature of their absence isn't important, the important thing is that they won't let you continue viewing without them.

That leaves you with two choices, either be a good friend/partner, or hope that you're acting skills are good enough to get you through pretending to enjoy the episode when you're stuck re-watching it with them.

Well that problem no longer exists, because thanks to a new app call Showgoers you can now split a stream on Netflix with someone else. Lifesaver. It's actually not affiliated with Netlix yet, but don't worry, it's completely legal.

Both parties will need access to a Netflix account, and from there it's just a case of downloading the Chrome extension, clicking on the 3D glasses icon which will appear in the top right corner of your Netflix page, and send the URL to your friend.

Now you'll never have to listen to the annoying way they eat popcorn ever again. Or deal with the multitude of idiotic questions they ask. Or have to constantly stop the show while they answer phone calls.

Actually, if they're that bad then just forget about the app and watch everything alone from now on.

Via LadBible