Last night, streaming giant Netflix signed a major deal with Disney to be the exclusive streaming platform for Marvel, Lucasfilm and Disney films.

The caveat, of course, is that it's for US only. That'll mean that - most likely - we can expect all seven Star Wars movies, each and every Marvel movie to date and a rake of Disney films will be added Netflix's US library. Whether or not this'll be the case for the Irish and UK library remains to be seen.

The additions will be added from September onwards, meaning that Netflix will be on the only place to see Disney / Marvel / Lucasfilm titles on streaming in the US.

This is a pretty huge get for Netflix, as Disney's titles are some of the most popular on the streaming platform. Not only that, there's a massive library of Disney films since their acquisition of both Lucasfilm and Marvel.

We've reached out to Netflix Ireland and UK for any information on seeing Star Wars, Indiana Jones et al on our own library, but in the meantime, let's watch this random scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and remind ourselves just how good Indiana Jones and how much Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked.