Netflix is always trying to innovate new ways of us spending our every waking moment glued to the thing.

Whether it's digging out films you haven't seen in ages, new TV shows that you have to watch or else you won't be able to keep up with people talking about them, or even just endlessly scrolling through it all, Netflix takes your attention.

However, according to Netflix's VP of Product, Todd Yellin, the rating system - that's the stars you see beside a title - are being more or less ignored by viewers. Why? Because viewers favour a more binary, A / B system. Because star ratings were too nuanced, apparently.

In the next few months, Netflix will be replacing its star rating with a thumbs up-thumbs down approach, and will tailor what it shows you based on this. So, thoughts? The problem with Netflix isn't so much the ratings, it's about the content - so who cares about a thumb rating?

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