At long last we know the date, nay, the HOUR when we can feast our eyes on the hotly anticipated Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul over this side of the world.

The new series, starring Bob Odenkirk, will debut on the streaming service just one day after it's aired on AMC in America, on Monday 9th February and Tuesday, 10th February, followed by every Tuesday at 7am Irish time.

Set six years before Walter White met Jesse Pinkman, it will give the back story on dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman who was known as Jimmy McGill in the day.

So far, critics who've had a sneak peak of it state side have had glowing reports, so we're pretty confident this won't be a let down.

The Washington Post has said the series was "right in line with the tone and style of the original, now-classic series. And like its predecessor, Better Call Saul raises more questions in two hours than it will readily answer, which means Breaking Bad fans will soon realise that their favourite rock has rolled all the way to the bottom of the hill."

While Esquire said: "I'll just say it: The first few episodes that I saw are better than Breaking Bad. They are smarter. They are sharper. I have never seen a prequel handled so cleverly."

BETTER? No less. Them's fighting words!

Only two weeks to see for ourselves!

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