Arrested Development
returns with 15 new episodes via Nextflix this Sunday (May 26th), but that may not mark the end of the Bluth/Netflix collaboration. Eeek!

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos has been telling the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter that he would absolutely love to make more episodes of the cult hit, which was unceremoniously cancelled after 3 seasons, despite protests from adoring fans.

"We would love to do more, and we have a deal in place that says that there could be," Sarandos confirmed. "The problem is logistics. [The cast] were all working full-time and doing this show in between, and they did it for the love of the show and for [the man behind it all] Mitch Hurwitz. If we can muster up that love again, we'd love to do it again."

With discussions about a movie still on the table, we certainly can't wait to see what happens here. In the mean time, don't try to talk to us on Sunday May 26th. We'll be rather busy watching the new season on Netflix from 8.01am.