Were you Team Ted and Robin or Team Barney and Robin? (Trobin and Brobin? No, that doesn't work).

How I Met Your Mother fans were either shipping one or the other so there was a lot of unhappy campers after the final ever episode of the show when we saw that Ted and Robin ultimately ended up together (even though she wasn't the mother).

In a recent Reddit Q&A, Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) was asked what he thought of the finale, four years on, to which he said: "I'm a fan of the finale. I think our creators Carter and Craig plotted it out nicely, and it makes rewatching the series take on another level. At the end of the day, characters are complicated and grow. As much as Barney loved him some Robin, his DNA made him pretty unable to maintain a long-term relationship."

Yeah but why did the show spend so God damn long making us invest in that relationship? (Read what we thought about the ending in more detail here.)

Saying that though, those final moments of the show were pretty rosemantic. Sure let's watch it again: