American musicals, especially massive stage shows, often involve a lot of audience interaction.

For example, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' often has the audience dress up like it's the Annual Transylvanian Convention. Yet, 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' has a segment where the lead character - Hedwig - descends into the crowd during a punk-rock number and basically sits in somebody's lap and kisses them.

Well, that's basically how Neil Patrick Harris and Graham Norton first met before last night's edition of 'The Graham Norton Show'. As Norton tells it, he was at the show in New York and was booked a front-row, bang-in-the-middle seat that put him right in the firing line, so to speak.

Neil Patrick Harris, as he explains via one of the most crystal-clear cameras we've ever seen, was only too happy to make his acquaintance.

Take a look.