Game of Thrones fans will know that our first great loss was felt when that axe wielded down on Ned Stark's head in season one, and from that point onward we knew that anything goes and our hearts could be ripped out within a moment's notice.

While Ned Stark did indeed meet his maker, his name lives on in the series through his children, well, some of them. Don't even get us started on the Red Wedding, 

It seems now though we are going to get a bit of back story on this legendary character as a young Ned Stark has been cast to play him in a flashback in the upcoming season.

13-year-old English actor Sebastian Croft is the actor in question who is said to be sparring with an older child in the flashback scene.

That's about all we know so far, but the fact that they are showing a young Ned Stark could indicate they are going to finally get around to telling us who Jon Snow's parents are, with many fans theorising that his mother is actually Ned's sister Lyanna.

The fact that they have added a new location to season six that looks remarkably like the tower Lyanna died in is also adding fuel to that.

Either way, will be nice to have Ned Stark back in some shame or form!