Weeeell, it certainly looks that way...

The 27-year-old actress has reportedly been given the boot from the show after a blazing row with FOX's producers over her co-star Lea Michele's "diva antics" earlier this month, according to the New York Daily News. Also, someone may have slept with someone's fiance, but we'll address that in a minute.

Not only has she been axed from the musical show, it is also believed she's been "written out" of the programme's fifth season finale (due to air stateside on May 12th) PopWrapped reports. However, a statement released by Naya's rep infers otherwise...

Naya's future on the show was questioned when she reportedly stormed off set on April 15th after the Cannonball singer - whose boyfriend and on-screen love interest Cory Monteith passed away last year after a drugs overdose - reportedly made the rest of the cast wait to shoot a scene as she dealt with personal matters.

That was apparently the proverbial straw as it's believed the stars have been frosty towards each other for a while. For example, here they are enjoying each others company while shooting the Christmas episode back in November...

An insider told Us Magazine at the time: "Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star. There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them. They talk behind each other's backs a lot."

That's only the tip of the reported iceberg... Naya, who plays lesbian Santana on the hit show, has had something of a rough month after her fiancé Big Sean called off their engagement, which kind of ended their relationship. What went wrong? Well, like we mentioned before, it may or may not have something to do with Lea reportedly sleeping with Naya's now ex-fiance... Yikes.

Rivera later claimed the rapper had stolen an expensive Rolex watch from her home in Los Angeles because he is jealous of her success.

In a tweet which has now been removed, she wrote: "@BigSean stealing rolexes from a lady's house now. Maybe cuz I'm on Glee and making more money or something. #triflin' (sic)."