Sherlock's US counterpart Elementary has just found its Irene Adler, and I, for one, am rather delighted about the casting. Talk about girl crushes, wha? You'll know her best as Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Anne Boelyn from The Tudors or Jack Gleeson's Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones, but we have no doubt that 31-year-old Natalie Dormer will soon be a star in her own right.

She'll be joining Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu to play the only woman who can put the investigator in a bit of a bind. She smouldered as the manipulative Ann, and continues to wrap Joffrey around her little finger in Game of Thrones, so we're sure it won't be a bother to her.

Saying that, with Lara Pulver tearing up the screen on this side of the Atlantic, Natalie will have some rather big boots to fill in the eyes of Sherlock fans. She'll be sashaying onto US TV screens on May 9th, and returning Elementary's two-hour season finale on May 16th. And as for Ms Pulver, she says she won't be in Sherlock Season 3. Wah!

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