Comic-book fans, stand by for some deep-cut references on late night US television.

Namor, The Sub-Mariner was the first superhero to dive underwater and commune fishes. Namor is, however, a relatively obscure comic-book character in that he doesn't have a billion-dollar franchise behind him or is played in live-action movies by Jason Momoa.

This is despite the fact that Namor, The Sub-Mariner was technically the first water-based superhero. Anyway, the character - who looks and sounds suspiciously like Billy Eichner - turned up on 'Jimmy Kimmel' the other night to protest not only the injustice of nobody knowing who he is, but the fact that 'Aquaman' is in cinemas when it should be his time.

To be fair, he's not wrong - Namor was first and that should count for something at the very least.