Ah, the internet. The provider of some of the best content we've been looking for since the dawning of YouTube, memes, and social media.

And now, we have the topic that everyone loves to discuss - naming your manhood (or womanhood). People have been taking to Twitter, naming their dongs for all to see.

Various threads have sprung up across Twitter as people begin to announce the latest TV series they've watched, and then naming their anatomy after said series. So, if the last TV show you watched was 'Sex Education', then congratulations on your magnificent name.

With some famous faces along the way, the topic makes for quite the hilarious read.

The thread became popular when 'Source Code' and 'Warcraft' director Duncan Jones tweeted his response to the question.

It started to gain even more traction when critically-acclaimed author Neil Gaiman tweeted his even more hilarious response. What the fork.

But then, the marvellous Nick Offerman from 'Parks and Recreation' mic-dropped with his own previous TV viewing, and it's one of Netflix's latest offerings.

Here are some of the other hilarious dongs named after TV shows that the topic has managed drag through the filth of the internet.

And finally, we're not sure this is true - but we'd like to believe it is.

What's the latest TV show that you've been watching? Let us know in the Facebook comments if it's a good one.