It seems as though being 16 and Pregnant won't be enough to get you on MTV any more, as the network has decided to follow in the footsteps of TLC, and make its first proper foray into virgin territory, with a brand new show that we're sure will cause its fair share of controversy. And before you say it, we really don't think Engaged and Underage is on the same level as this.

Entertainment Weekly's TV Insider reports that the network (which really should change its name at this stage, I mean come on, since when was there still music on MTV?) had just put in an order for 12 episodes of a docu-soap series following the lives of a group of virgins.They say it will be something similar to TLC's one-off special The Virgin Diaries, which followed virgins in their 20s and 30s, but will mainly follow a group of abstinent people between the ages of 18 and 25.

We're told to expect all the drama that comes with trying to balance the old love life, parental sex talks and sexually active friends. And of course, each willing participant will be "plagued with the overwhelming question of keeping their virginity... or losing it." Because you really want something like that broadcast to the world, don't you?

It seems as though MTV does want to make some decent telly this time around though, because the original casting call was for "intelligent, articulate, and interesting male and female individuals from all over the nation to document as they deal with the pressures, struggles, and benefits of being a virgin in America today".

In fairness, they really did have to be careful: Sure didn't they cause absolute uproar last year when they put out a casting call for a show called My First, which was basically hoping to find a few young'uns who were on the verge of shedding their V-plates. Endemol USA will be the driving force behind this new version of the weekly reality show, which we're sure will set tongues wagging anyway.

What can we say? Sex, or lack thereof sells...