Whether you love it or loathe it, you can't deny that Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown's Boys has done incredibly well worldwide, but the man behind the mammy won't sell the show to the Russians if they try to cut the gay storyline.

The Irish Sun was down on set with the gang when they were filming the Mrs Brown's Boys movie on Moore Street this week. They got talking to Rory Cowan (who plays Rory Brown) and he said that O'Carroll was standing his ground when it came to defending Rory and Dino against the Russians.

"It’s already been sold to Russian and Czech television", Cowan explained, "They are not sure about the gay characters and Brendan is saying, 'You are not adding or removing characters'."

It's a brave move by O'Carroll, who apparently faced similar issues when the show was being sold to a TV network in Romania. I won't lie, the series isn't exactly to my taste, but fair play to Brendan for taking Mrs Brown worldwide and standing his ground on this one. You can't exactly argue with a man who has a BAFTA under his belt now can you?

Anyway, with all this talk of European expansion things are looking very good for the fella from Finglas. Mrs Brown is already a TV staple in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, so who knows where herself and her brood could go next?

That movie will certainly give them quite the international platform.