One could argue that it was the most-watched show on Christmas Day because there was no bleedin' escaping it given it was on both RTE1 and BBC1 around the same time. However, there's also no escaping the fact that it was also the highest ratings the show has ever experienced.

According to data collated on Christmas night, the show was watched by 9.4 million.... and that was only in the UK. You can probably add another 1,000,000 souls watching it this side of the water. Put it this way, my sister's mother-in-law left our Christmas soiree early in order to get home to see it. Why? Because she knew we'd rather watch Home Alone 2 on Channel 4+1 than endure Mrs. Brown baring her britches. Well, presumably there was the usual amount of skirt hiking; I can't be sure as we were in fact watching Home Alone 2 on Channel 4+1.

This ratings news must come as a bit of a blow to those behind Doctor Who. Only 8.9million people tuned int to see Peter Capaldi become the Doctor. According to Digital Spy, 10.2million folk watched as Matt Smith took on the Doctor's mantle a few years back...

All in all, the Beeb had a great day, what with Strictly Come Dancing (7.3million,Rufus Hound won), Call The Midwife (7.08million) and Janine plowing into David with her car on EastEnders (7.78million, with a further 558k tuning into the repeat) all being ratings winners on the day.