What do people on the other side of the world think of the Irish? Judging from the ratings of Australian TV they love the image Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown's Boys gives of us...which is just fabulous really. Who doesn't want to be thought of as an 'aul Dubliner Ma' in thrombotic tights who spends her time giving out to her eejit sons?

In a surprising turn, the BBC production topped the non-news ratings in Aussie land last night. According to Australian media website mUmBRELLA, the sitcom pulled in 963,000 viewers for their popular channel Seven, while Top Gear only managed 668,000 in comparison. Who would have thunk it ha?

The second episode of the show lost about 500,000 viewers though, with only 481,000 staying on to watch, so maybe this drop can be explained as a universal (or at least Australian) realisation that Mrs. Brown's Boys is not the best thing since sliced bread.

That said, you never know, maybe this is only the beginning of Aggy Brown's world domination... *shudder*