That's right, Mrs Brown and the fam won't be back on our screens for another year.

Well our TV screens that is, they will of course be on 'da' big screen in June for Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie.

This is according to actor Gary Hollywood who plays hairdresser Dino Doyle on the show. It seems Brendan O' Carroll simply just has a lot on! He has been busy writing for the movie, the Christmas specials, live shows and the book so it seems that a new series will have to go on the long finger.

The actor said "Brendan's writing as quick as he can but I'm afraid viewers will have to wait another year before they see any new TV episodes,".

The show was the most watched programme on Christmas Day across the pond and the crew are just about to go touring Oz. Well no matter what you make of the show, sure ya have to proud of our Brendan.