Whether you love it or loathe it, it's time to face facts: Mrs Brown's Boys is conquering the globe in TV broadcasting terms and now the show's heading for the United States, apparently.

Cast member Rory Cowan (who plays Rory Brown) told The Irish Mirror that the Americans were interested in picking up the series, but revealed that there was a slight bump in the road. "The problem with us in the US is because there is swearing in it - there cannot be swearing in any TV shows on any network channel" Cowan explained. "By law if there is any swearing it has got to be beeped - and not just change the words. Brendan won't agree to that at all. Brendan would stick to his guns. He would rather not change anything."

And sure isn't Mr O'Carroll already working on a Plan B too? "Brendan is talking to HBO and PBS about doing it in America and they do want it as it is - swearing and all" Cowan said. "Brendan is also talking to Netflix and that's how they will get around that."

Believe it or not, the gang have a ready-made fanbase in the US too. "I know all the US army bases get the DVDs - I don't know where they get them" Cowan added. "We are getting fan mail from all the army bases all over America. And they get them free - they're being sent from somewhere."

Between that and the fact that the show topped the Christmas TV ratings on both sides of the Irish Sea this year, there's little left for us to do at this stage but lie down and admit defeat.

Fair play to yiz lads, sure nobody can say you didn't work hard for it.