'Mr. Robot', the critically-acclaimed thriller series starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater, is apparently coming to an end on its fourth season.

In an interview with Collider, Slater - who plays the titular character - said the show is almost certain to end. According to Slater, showrunner / creator Sam Esmail "always said it was going to be somewhere in that zone, and he didn’t want to go further than what he could creatively contribute to that storyline. So, I think that Season 4 will be it."

It's not hard to see why, given that Rami Malek is playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and alongside Slater is the lead in the show. On top of that, Sam Esmail is set to work on a television adaptation of 'Metropolis', the seminal 1927 sci-fi film.

The fourth season of 'Mr. Robot' is expected to air some time before the end of 2018 and airs on TG4 here in Ireland.