Remember Martin Mull? Older generations will know him as Leon Carp from Roseanne, while the young'uns will recognise him as Mr Kraft from Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Anyway, word on the street is he's joined forced with Seth MacFarlane for a brand new TV show.

Yup, Martin's joined the cast of Dads, a six episode live action comedy from MacFarlane and the writers behind Ted. It will tell the tale of two rather successful video game entrepreneurs, Eli and Warner, who are in their thirties and enjoying the quiet life. Cue their dads moving in with them, and hilarity ensuing.

Mull will play a particularly interesting father, who has been the bane of his son Warner's existence from day 1. Seems he just can't help but leave chaos in his wake, and his son's nerves are gone at this stage. He just doesn't know what his dad is going to do next.

It isn't the first time Martin's joined forces with the Family Guy creator though. The Quahog Elementary School is named after the actor, and he did a bit of voice work on the show back in the day. We're interested to see how this one turns out!