Staying this weekend? Sure you are. Here's our picks of the movies on TV this weekend...


Saturday - ITV4

23:00 - Rambo: First Blood, Part II

John Rambo's offered a chance at freedom in exchange for helping to rescue a group of POWs left behind in Vietnam. Eschewing any kind of subtlety left behind in the first film, this goes for all-out and infinitely stupid action. What else would you expect from a screenplay from James Cameron, anyway? Tons of fun to be had and all the more hilarious when you watch it with Hot Shots: Part Deux in mind.



Saturday - Channel 4

22:35 - Dredd

Karl Urban stars in this gritty and violent adaptation of the famous 2000AD Comics. Patrolling the streets of Mega-City One, Judge Dredd metes out a particularly brutal form of justice. The film finds himself and his rookie, Judge Hershey (Olivia Thirlby), trapped inside an apartment block, and facing off against crime-lord Ma Ma (Game of Thrones' Lena Headey) and her private army. If you can get on board with the over-the-top violence, this is a cracking and hugely underrated film.



Sunday - TV3

21:00 - Mammal

Love / Hate's Barry Keoghan and Game of Thrones' Michael McElhatton star in this tense drama about a grieving woman who befriends a homeless teenager, as he reminds her so much of her recently-deceased son. Before long, the teenager and the woman's past come back to haunt them, one in the form of a violent gang and the other in her ex-husband's unhinged, violent nature.