Staying in this weekend? Stupid question, of course you are. Here's what to watch on the telly, movie-wise, this weekend.

Saturday - 6.35PM

RTE One - The Lego Movie

An ordinary man leading a life of blissful ignorance in a city made of the construction toy is mistakenly identified as a chosen one destined to save the universe. He joins a mismatched band of heroes in stopping a plan to fix the world permanently in place. Animated comedy, with the voices of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell.


Saturday - 11.00PM

TG4 - Blades Of Glory

A bad-boy figure skater and his effeminate arch-enemy are banned from the sport after their intense rivalry results in a brawl. However, the pair find a loophole in the regulations allowing them to enter the world championships as the first ever same-sex pair - if they can put aside their differences long enough to compete. Comedy, starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler.


Sunday - 9.00PM

Film4 - Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Bruce Willis is back and this time, he's taking on US mercenaries and a South American fascist dictator in Dulles Airport. Sure, it might not have Alan Rickman, but it's got William Sadler as a greasy mercenary leader, a baby-faced Robert Patrick with one of the best one-liners in the entire Die Hard franchise ("What do I look like to you?"-- Like a sitting duck!) and you've also got Dennis Franz AKA Det. Sipowicz from NYPD Blue. Not as good as the first one or the third one, but better than the fourth and fifth one.