Oh dear. Just when we thought CBS was finally going to put us out of our How I Met Your Mother misery, they've only gone and started working on a spinoff series titles, you guessed it, How I Met Your Father.

As per Deadline, the US network is in talks with the HIMYM producers at 20th Century Fox TV. They're hoping to get the green light for the new series which would replace titular father Ted with a totally new female, and tell a similar tale from her point of view.

It's understood that HIMYM creators and executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are collaborating with Up All Night's Emily Spivey to get the project off the ground, and that they're planning to have the new characters appear in the series finale of the original offering.

Word on the street is that the action will stay in New York y'see, with another close knit group of friends aiming to win our hearts. However, given the fact that pretty much everyone on the planet has had their fill of HIMYM, we have a feeling that this one will be a pretty hard sell.

Our verdict? Don't even go there. What do you think?