Mouse Rat (the band formerly known as Scarecrow Boat, Ninja Dick, Crackfinger, Just the Tip, Pearl Jelly and countless other names) is releasing an album.

Andy Dwyer's Mouse Rat are releasing an actual album this year. The fictional band from 'Parks and Rec' are doing so in honour of the Pawnee hero, Li'l Sebastian.

If you can believe it, it's been 10 years (why does everything have an anniversary this year?) since the funeral of the beloved miniature horse took place on the sitcom during season three.

And so, in memory of the biggest celebrity of the city, Mouse Rat will be releasing a full album. 'The Awesome Album' is set to be released digitally on August 27 (in partnership with Tom Haverford's Entertainment 720), and will feature 15 tracks.

Duke Silver AKA Ron Swanson's sweet sax will feature on two of the album's tracks, while Wilco band member Jeff Tweedy will also feature, reprising his role from the series as Scott Tanner of the Pawnee band Land Ho!.

The full track list of the album is as follows:

  1. '5,000 Candles in the Wind (Bye, Bye Lil Sebastian)'
  2. 'The Pit'
  3. 'Sex Hair'
  4. 'Catch Your Dream' (feat. Duke Silver)
  5. 'Two Birds Holding Hands'
  6. 'Ann Song'
  7. 'The Way You Look Tonight'
  8. 'Menace Ball'
  9. 'Remember'
  10. 'Get A Kick Out Of You'
  11. 'Tonight'
  12. 'I've Got You Under My Skin'
  13. 'Only Have Eyes For You'
  14. 'Pickled Ginger' (performed by Land Ho!)
  15. 'Cold Water' (Scott Tanner feat. Duke Silver)

Here's the first single from 'The Awesome Album', the glorious tribute to Li'l Sebastian.

You can catch all seven seasons of 'Parks and Rec' either via Amazon Prime or Netflix.