The X Factor is planning a big revamp of the show this season, what with new judges, presenters and changing up how things are done. However, it seems in the process they are breaking a lot of hearts as it's emerged they cut acts from the show after telling them they were through to the Boot Camp stage.

The Daily Star are reporting today that some of those who had received a 'yes' in the arena auditions were told that they still hadn't made it to the next phase of the competition. Then why give them a 'yes'??

One hopeful has said how producers sent out emails informing contestants that they had not in fact won places in Boot Camp and to not book any travel arrangements, even though some of them already had.

It hasn't been denied by X Factor either, who told Digital Spy; "Owing to a very high standard of talent during this year's X Factor arena auditions, not all successful singers have been offered a place at Boot Camp.

"All singers have been made aware of this and were told this weekend whether or not they would be going through to Boot Camp, after the judges had reviewed their auditions."

Apparently though, other folk are saying that this is not uncommon in X Factor world with acts often been told they had been cut when had actually arrived at Boot Camp, so this was seen as a 'kinder' way of doing things.

Eh yeah, real sound X Factor.