We're a little bit excited in the office this morning because Martin Freeman has confirmed that himself and Benedict Cumberbatch will start shooting the brand new series of Sherlock in two weeks time.

Freeman was a guest on Graham Norton's Big Chat for Comic Relief last night, and while they were talking he revealed that he would be reprising his role as Doctor John Watson "the week after next". Eeeek!

We've seen our fair share of the lads in the past few months, what with Martin being The Hobbit and all, and Benedict kicking butt as the latest Star Trek villain, but we're most looking forward to seeing the boys team up again.

Freeman kept mum when Norton pressed him for more information about how what's in store for Sherlock after 'The Reichenbach Fall', and said even he didn't know how the private investigator had managed to survive. "Even we on reading the script aren't quite sure. Mark Gatiss is a clever fellow", Freeman revealed.

As for the scripts themselves, Freeman says they're brilliant, but certainly didn't give us any clues as regards what to expect from the series. Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss did though. At last year's Edinburgh TV Festival they said fans could find answers through three keywords: Rat, Wedding and Bow.

Take from that what you will, we just can't wait to head back to Baker Street. Pity they haven't confirmed a transmission date just yet...