He's some messer that Perez, isn't he? After pretending to leave the Big Brother house and then hiding away in some secret room spying on them the last few days, safe to say, he's not a fella you'd trust easily. But then it is only a game, although try telling that to some of the inmates, sorry, housemates.

The latest with gossip blogger Perez anyways is that he has returned to the rest of his fellow Big Brother celebs and has been awarded eternal nomination in a public vote. This means he will be up for every eviction from now until the end of the series, with the next one taking place this Friday.

Although if there is any substance in what Cami Li is saying then Perez can't be evicted as he was told before he signed up that he would in the final three.

But no, surely the people behind these reality shows wouldn't be so corrupt as to pull a stunt like that... right??

Last night saw another celeb evicted from the Big Brother house