Fan of Emmerdale? You should be, it is - after all - soapland's unsung hero (I might have mentioned that once or twice before. It's currently beating EastEnders in the ratings, which makes sense, EastEnders is SHHH****TE at the moment), well you might be interested in this spoiler alert. By reading on, you agree not to have a hissier about founding out a pivotal plot point… OK, you ready?

Cameron Murray's turning himself into a serial killer. Well, he's due to kill one other person, so we're calling him a serial killer for effect.

Last month, he killed Carl King, and is currently letting the (latest) love of his life - Chas - do prison time for it. Now he's due to kill again after confessing to Carl's murder to one of the village dwellers - but not before holding them captive first.

A source leaking stuff to Digital Spy said: "The village certainly seems to be becoming a dangerous place to live with Cameron around. He took the life of one of the show's biggest characters when he killed Carl and now he'll claim a second victim. But who will it be, and will he get away with it this time?"

Betcha it's Tootsie the dog.