Monday has reared its ugly head once again, but sure at least there's a bit of sun trying to peep through eh? Not doing it for you? Nah, didn't think so, but perhaps tonight's telly will.

With Broadchurch gone there's a large British drama shaped void in the TV schedule at 9pm, but it seems as though the networks will be doing their best to fill it. Bryan Murray has left The Tenements behind and set his sights on The Big House, while BBC Two pays home to one of Ireland's own, the late great Dave Allen. Over on Sky they're tickling our tastebuds with More Than Meats The Pie, while RTE remind us what it's like to move home to mammy and daddy in brand new one-off documentary Crowded House.

As for us, as always, we know what we'll be watching anyway. Here are our Top Three TV Picks for tonight:

3. Banshee Sky Atlantic 10.15pm
If you don't mind drinkin', fightin' and a bit of rumpy pumpy in the first 10 minutes of a TV show then Banshee could be right up your alley. After serving 15 years in prison for stealing a few rather precious sparkly stones from Mr Rabbit (seriously, that's what Ukrainian gangsters are calling themselves these days?) the unnamed leading lad heads to Banshee Pennsylvania to catch up with his former lover. Only problem is, she's got a new fella and a new name... Anyway, when the incoming sheriff is killed, our boy takes on his identity and swears himself in for the job. With local Amish crime lord Kai Proctor and The Rabbit (can't take it seriously, sorry) to contend with, we're sure he'll have plenty of adventures...

2. The VIP Style Awards
TV3: 8.00pm
Ah God love us, we're a nation of triers wha? If you feel like doing a bit of a Joan Rivers on it this evening then you'd best turn to TV3 at 8pm to see what Ireland's best and err, brightest were wearing over the weekend, and find out what qualifies as top fashion in their social circle's books. If you've had a flick through our gallery you'll already know what's in store, with more frocks, foundation and fake tan than you can shake a cement mixer at. All together now, ala Dublin's finest: "D'absalooooh hack'o'dem".

1. Vicious UTV: 9.00pm
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi gets catty in a brand new sitcom. What's not to love?