Nothing says Reality TV like a few tears so it was hardly surprising to see a few Great Irish Bake Off contestants getting a bit emotional as the series crowned its very first winner last night.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to know who the Great Irish Bake Off we suggest you look away now.


Despite a tough technical bake (insert tuile pun here), it was 21-year-old amateur baker Stephen who stormed home with the title. His gingerbread version of Dunluce Castle (they were asked to bake cakes that reflected the Irish landscape) blew Maryanne and Will's creations out of the water (Will's was technically in a sea of chocolate emotion), and gave the young fella the edge he needed to win.

We think an ould Aras an Uachtar Reoite (Micky D's gaff in a Baked Alaska, wha?) would have done the trick, but we guess we'll just have to pull that one out of the bag next time around. TV3 is already accepting entries y'see, and we're ever so slightly tempted to give it a shot.

Until the next beautifully moist series, we're over and out.